Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

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The Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting course has been designed to meet the requirements of the STCW Convention 1978, as amended, Table A-VI/1-2.

Course content:

  • Shipboard fire-fighting organization;
  • Location of fire-fighting appliances and emergency escape routes;
  • The elements of fire and explosion (the fire triangle);
  • Types and sources of ignition;
  • Flammable materials, fire hazards and spread of fire;
  • Actions to be taken on board the ship;
  • Fire and smoke detection and automatic alarm systems.

Those who succesfully complete this course should be able to take proper actions upon discovering a fire, to protect themselves with existing fire-fighting equipment within their workarea and to understand the importance of fire prevention.

Contact Person: Bie Van Deun / Mathias Smidt (


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1022 - Safety


Venue: Antwerp Maritime Academia
Antwerp, Belgium



850 EUR (including course material, certificate, lunch, coffee and water)


Medical Certificate "Fit for Duty"


Academic level: Lifelong Learning
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