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The European Marine Board (EMB) is a network of leading European marine research performing and research-funding organizations established to promote enhanced cooperation in marine science at European level.

In September 2014 EMB launched a Working Group on Marine Graduate Training consisting of 11 experts from 11 European countries, chaired by Prof. Magda Vincx from Ghent University in Belgium. The EMB Working Group is critically evaluating the current training practices while assessing and proposing new mechanisms to enhance skill sets and career pathways for marine professionals.

Within this framework the EMB Working Group, working in collaboration with Ghent University, launched a survey to gather perspectives from alumni of marine graduate training programmes across Europe. The summarized outcomes of the survey responses prior to April 20th 2015 will be available through the European Marine Training Portal from the end of May 2015 onwards. These results of the survey will also be presented in a EMB “Future Science Brief” (2016) and will directly inform recommendations to policy makers on the future development of marine graduate programmes at National and European levels. A support letter from the European Marine Board can be viewed here.

Although survey responses after 20th April 2015 will no longer be used for the EMB Future Science Brief, the Marine Graduate Training Survey will remain open. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and responses are anonymous.

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