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Dr. Tim Deprez
Coordinator Marine Training Platform

Tim designed the Marine Training Platform and is an expert in marine education and training. He is specialized in taxonomy of crustaceans, application of databases in biological research, and since a few years also in organizational aspects of higher education. He is a multidisciplinary person combining classical scientific topics with recent IT skills. Since several years he is teaching 3 courses on MSc level in Ghent and the Algarve. He is the practical coordinator of the International MSc's in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, and Marine Biological Resources. In the IRO of Ghent University he is developing software (EConsort) for managing and structuring educational programmes. Consequently, he has a broad knowledge of international higher education in general and the related practical organizational aspects.

Prof. Dr. Ann Vanreusel
Scientific coordinator Belgian Node EMBRC

Ann is head of the research group Marine Biology of Ghent University (hosting the Marine Training Platform) and the scientific representative for Belgium in the EMBRC organization. As expert in benthos research, she teaches numerous BSc, MSc and PhD courses and programmes on the ecology of extreme marine environments including abyssal ecosystems including poly-metallic nodule areas, submarine canyons, cold water corals, cold seeps, polar deep-sea and Antarctic coastal systems. In addition, she daily coordinates 30+ scientific projects on regional, national and European level. Consequently, she has a extensive knowledge of international cooperation and project management.

Tim tkint
ICT & Development Marine Training Platform

Tim co-designed the Marine Training Platform and has a biological (fish eco-morphology) and Web developing background. He currently oversees the innovation implementations and the technical infrastructure. In addition, he hosts and is responsible for the maintenance of several websites.

Our External Advisory Board:

The External Advisory Board (EAB) is composed of independent experts from selected partner institutions, organisations and networks relevant to the European Blue Growth training and education landscape within the EMBRC domain.

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External Advisory Board

Our former staff, trainees and volunteers:

- Danae Kapasakali
- Katherine Brownlie
- Marleen Roelofs
- Tara Van Belleghem
- Tim Verstraeten