Postgraduate Diploma in Marine Insurance

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Established in 2005 in cooperation with Lloyd's Maritime Academy, the Marine Insurance Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) programme provides students with the opportunity of studying marine insurance at a high level.

Of significant interest to anyone involved in insurance, shipping and international trade, commerce, and also to professional advisers, brokers and agents, the programme will equip you to better understand the way marine insurance markets function and the terms of standard covers available. 

In recent years the premium income has often been insufficient to cover claims in several categories of marine insurance and in the current shipping markets there is serious concern and clear indications that the value of claims will increase. Consequently, a high level of expertise will be essential to maintain a competitive advantage.

As well as substantially boosting your ability to address, analyse and solve insurance problems – whether looking at matters from the perspective of assureds or underwriters, and to advise clients and underwriters on points of principle and policy wordings – this postgraduate diploma has been developed to offer considerable flexibility.


Delivered by distance learning, this programme allows you to gain this qualification without taking time away from your work and other commitments. The five detailed study modules cover:

  • Principles of Marine Insurance Law
  • Special Categories of Marine Insurance Cover
  • P&I Clubs and Mutual Insurance
  • Marine Reinsurance
  • Claims

Materials are available online and tutor support and networking opportunities with your peers are available through the secure and dedicated programme forum.

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The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0311 - Maritime economy", "1031 - Maritime security


, Sweden


Open from
12 Feb 2019 to 30 Aug 2019


Fees for the programme cover course materials, required textbooks, seminars, and the examination in Malmö or London, tutorial support and feedback, as well as WMU e-library access. They do not include the costs of travel and accommodation for the seminars and examination. Participants must cover the costs of any special arrangements they may request, such as the delivery of course materials by special courier or an alternative examination location. For specific information about fees, please visit the Marine Insurance  page found at Lloyds Maritime Academy. 

Participants will also receive an authoritative text book Marine Insurance: Law and Practice published by LLP Professional Publishing, which will form an integral part of the syllabus for the whole course. In addition to this a supplementary book, Reinsurance: London Market Practice, also published by LLP Professional Publishing, will be sent to participants with the relevant module.


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