Support for Training Organizers

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Supporting marine education in Europe

As a training provider you have probably stumbled across the time consuming administrative burden that comes along with establishing a certain training: advertising, registration, selection procedures, exchange of training material, evaluation procedures and so on. Our office is trained and equipped with the necessary tools that will allow you to deal with the organizational aspects of creating and running a training in a straightforward and fast way. All you need to do is take on our offer for training support.

Our standard services include the following:

  • Designing of advertising material (download example)
  • Creation of registration/application form and follow up
  • Advertisement of the training
  • Setup of an online Learning Environment and
  • Creation of Certificate of Attendance

These services are available -to a different extent- in three Training Support Packages: the Basic, the Medium and the Full support package. An overview of these packages is presented in the table below. The Basic package is offered for free, while the price for the other packages will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

Basic Medium Full
Design Advertisement Material
Design suggestions for Poster/Brochure/Flyer 1 3 5
Dedicated Website - -
Online Registration Form
Customized -
Registration Follow Up
Summary of Applicants
Applicant Evaluation Tool -
Online Learning Environment -
Certificate of Attendance - -

As a training provider you can freely choose the appropriate package to match the administrative needs for your training. The services per package are not mandatory and you can just select the ones that are needed. However, it is not possible to freely choose services between packages;  you are restricted to use the services available at the support package that is selected.

Are there any requirements before I ask for support?

We provide administrative support to any training matching the following criteria:

The training is offered in English
The duration of the training does not exceed the period of 1 month
The training is addressed to master and doctoral students, post-doctoral and independent researchers or is part of a Lifelong Learning initiative (Permanent Training)